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Deck Passage U version Water inlet protection Gooseneck 28mm ARBO INOX
Very nice deck passage with water guard. Made of high quality stainless steel VA4 absolutely stainless and UV and seawater resistant. The deck passage is similar to a gooseneck designed, but has two mounting points with 3 holes, so that the overall design is much more stable. In addition, the deck passage has welded a bracket on which you can tie down ropes. Length: 21.5 cm Width: 70 mm (diameter base plate) Outer diameter (pipe): 32 mm Inner diameter (pipe): 28 mm Height: 17 cm Thickness of plate fittings: 4 mm Hole diameter: 8 mm
43,50 EUR
Deck through gooseneck V4 25mm ARBO-INOX
Deck through gooseneck V4 25mm ARBO-INOX
22,90 EUR
Cam shell vent stainless steel ARBO-INOX
This cam shell vent was made of stainless steel. It has a black plastic boarder. It ensures a perfect ventilation for the engine room. Underpart Length: 123mm width: 148mm height: 100 mm connection outer diameter: 76 mm
28,90 EUR
Deckthrough Nylon and stainless steel Ø 14 mm ARBO-INOX
Round decktrough made out of nylon and stainless steel. width:32mm colour:black rope Ø:14mm mountig depth:12mm
3,90 EUR