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Tannoy ventilator stainless steel 230mm ARBO-INOX
This flat tannoy ventilator is made of high quality stainless steel. It is mirror polished and rust-free. Appropriate for constant ventilation. A integrated mosquito net keeps insects away. Mountable in sloping position or horizontal. Completely waterproof. Screws are included. Size(diameter): 230 mm height: 35 mm mounting-Ø: 98 mm
45,50 EUR
Cam shell vent stainless steel ARBO-INOX
This cam shell vent was made of stainless steel. It has a black plastic boarder. It ensures a perfect ventilation for the engine room. Underpart Length: 123mm width: 148mm height: 100 mm connection outer diameter: 76 mm
24,90 EUR
from 3,20 EUR
Screw-set suitcase stainless steel AISI 316 520 pieces ARBO-INOX
Made out of rust-free stainless steel AISI 316. Resistant against all weather conditions. The suitcase includes 33 different types of screws in different sizes and 520 individual parts, wood-thread screws are included. The plastic suitcase is included in delivery.
62,50 EUR
Self Tapping Screw with Raised Countersunk Head DIN7983 A4 Stainless Steel ARBO-INOX
Self tapping screw with raised countersunk head made out stainless steel (resistant against seawater and ultraviolet rays). Available in different sizes.
2,90 EUR
Flat Countersunk Head Wood Screw DIN95 A4 Stainless Steel ARBO-INOXorner Brace Stainless Steel 38mm x 25mm x 38mm ARBO-INOX
Flat countersunk head wood screw made out of stainless steel A4 (resistant against seawater and ultraviolet rays). Available in different sizes.
2,90 EUR

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